Welcome to Cult Film Edinburgh


Cult. noun – “A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing”

Long before Netflix, people gathered in dark, dingy cinemas to see their favourite offbeat films. At midnight showings they’d join a group who share a love of the obscure, the taboo and sometimes the downright bad. They formed a community that became a culture of its own, based on the premise that the audience should enjoy the experience as much as possible, even at the expense of the film itself.

Despite being easier than ever to enjoy, recent decades have seen these communities decline. The films are as popular as ever, revived and loved by each new generation but the community has waned. In Edinburgh this is being resurrected, allowing people to enjoy some of the best cult films on the big screen, reviving a great community that once lived in artistic cities like our own.

The first Thursday of every month, we will screen a film that hasn’t seen a projector in a long time. As an organisation whose sole aim is to provide a great service that has been missing for some time, Cult Film Edinburgh want to bring people together again over a lost culture, where the film experience comes first. Reliable, fun, inclusive and cheap. No advertising agendas or extortionate snacks, hang out with people who enjoy film as much as you, where all that you spend goes back into making Cult Film Edinburgh a better experience for you.

For only £5 (£4 students), you’ll see the film in our screening room (inc. free popcorn), while our bar hosts a themed pub quiz beforehand, plus film appropriate music and prizes for participating in our schemes. Our film schedule will cater to all tastes and genres, but will always offer you a great film. So join us, where there is nothing “misplaced or excessive” about enjoying some of the most beloved films ever made with a group of likeminded people.


Author: cultfilmedinburgh

Edinburgh's monthly cult film screening community.

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